Unyte has teamed up with Holland Bloorview, which creates a world of hope and possibility for children with disabilities.

This holiday season, we'll donate 1 interactive meditation package to Holland Bloorview for every 3 Unyte products sold!
These donations will support the hospital's “Care for the Caregiver” program, which helps families with special needs kids practice self-care and avoid burnout.


Anxiety and depression rates among children and young adults are at all-time highs, and we are committed to changing that. Since Launching Unyte, our interactive meditation programs have helped thousands of children and adults cope with our chaotic, stressful world.

Watch how one guidance counselor is using Unyte with his students and seeing the tremendous impact it is having on their academic performance and overall mental health.



About Holland Bloorview: Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is one of the largest kids rehab hospitals with a research institute poised to change the future of children with disabilities. The hospital does everything from art and music therapy, adaptive sports, customized prosthetics with glitter, autism research, parent support nights and innovations like the hummer that allows kids to be able to communicate their thoughts out loud for the very first time.

About Care for the Caregiver: While Holland Bloorview focuses on providing care for kids with disabilities, our hospital is made up of extraordinary parents who dedicate every ounce of their time and energy to their child. The impact of this can put strain on relationships, finances and their own mental health. We are dedicated to providing our parents and caregivers with programs and resources that allow them to take care of themselves and take the much needed break that they deserve.

If you'd like to earn more about Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, please visit their web site.