Wild Divine Online

Dear Wild Divine Online member,

Wild Divine Online is no longer available.

As some of you may know, Wild Divine is now Unyte Health.

For the past two years we have been working hard to develop a new look and feel for the brand, products and website. One of our main areas of focus has been updating and evolving Wild Divine’s software titles. We have created new, updated versions of some of Wild Divine’s most popular, recent software titles and have now made them available across PC, Mac, iOS and Android! In addition, we developed the iom2, our next generation biofeedback device allowing you to interact with our software across all platforms.

As we continue to move forward, we have to make some hard choices regarding what we can enhance and support and what products we must retire. Unfortunately, Wild Divine Online (WDO) is one such product we can no longer support. The legacy platform, architecture and hardware in which WDO was built upon would require tremendous effort to update and enhance. Based on our current priorities and available technical resources, we have decided to shut down WDO.

We understand this news may not be ideal for some. We are hopeful that in the future when resources allow, we will be able to resurrect parts of this great platform and incorporate it into our future offerings under Unyte.

While Wild Divine Online has now been shut down, It is important to note that any standalone Wild Divine programs you are using in addition to Wild Divine Online are unaffected. While these legacy programs are no longer supported, you can still enjoy them as you have been.

We are now Unyte and we hope you come check us out

We want to provide you with the opportunity to discover all that Unyte has to offer. Please contact us at support@unyte.com for a special offer or to answer any questions.

With gratitude,
The Unyte Team